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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 9, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hell bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. they believe it is their right. they believe they are close. they want the lifting of the sanctions. >> a big factor is israel in all this. will israel accept a negotiated deal with iran? >> i'm not sure they have many options. we see prime minister netanyahu lobbying against the deal. in fact, it depends on the will of the united states. if the united states wants to make accommodations, this deal with iran, it will make the deal with iran. here is one irony. we are not dealing our friends in the world in that region are the iranians, russians and syrians. the people we antagonize are two very important powers, saudi arabia and israel. >> is there a reason for no tie today? >> i was at home watching you and i saw you had no tie, so i thought i would follow your
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example. >> you look dashing with or without a tie. thank you very much. it's always a pleasure. it is the top of the hour. i'm don lemon. you are in the cnn news room. a lot of news to get to. an entire nation still in shock after one of the most powerful and destructive national disasters ever recorded. i am talking about the philippines where a massive typhoon ripped apart homes, flooded rivers and may have killed 1,200 people. the death toll will likely go up in the coming days as rescuers find more victims and the scope of the destruction nationwide becomes clearer. communications lines are down. the storm is not deed. people of eastern vietnam are bracing for what is left of the
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typhoon. it should hit on monday and could bring up to 12 inches of rain. cnn has correspondents throughout the philippine islands today. listen to andrew stephens describe what he experienced. >> no building escaping damage. destruction caused by the typhoon. roads are impassable. all communications are down. medical supplies are running out. food and water are becoming scarce. reports of looting are widespread. it's impossible, at this stage, to estimate the costs in human lives. we have seen bodies on the streets. we have seen bodies washing up on the beaches. the philippines can only say the number of deaths will be high. it's estimated perhaps 1 million people live along the low lying coastline. the majority of them in checks.
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even if they could have with stood the wind, they would not have survived the storm surge, a huge, perhaps five meter wall of water that spread across the city of the storm at devastating speed. the water receded as quickly as it came, leaving a trail of destruction. people were warned to evacuate. not everybody took the advice. the priority is to clear the roads so supplies can move in. 24 hours after the storm, the first military helicopters began arriving. it will be a messy task, bringing in food and supplies to so many. in the meantime, people searched for food and water and missing loved ones. >> that was andrew stephens reporting. emerging from the typhoon battered philippine, james reynolds was with him and
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captured this video in the heart of the destruction. listen to this. >> okay. one more. one more in there, josh? >> one more? >> no, i think we got everyone. >> i can feel electricity in the water, guys. my legs are tingling. >> i talked to james reynolds
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about the rescue with andrew stephens and i asked him to walk us through what happened. here's what he said. >> trapped in one of the hotel rooms. screaming desperately and smashing the glass windows in a desperate attempt to get out. one of my colleagues went out there trying to face another colleague. managed to get a mattress, i think, to float to get a family out. it included people who could not get out by themselves. >> cnn i-reporters continue to
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send us images of the typhoon. we have several videos from the city. the river is swollen by heavy rains. it turned into a raging and murky mess flooding parts of the city. look at that video. unbelievable. here is another view of the river. the residents brave the aftermath and see the floodwaters from a bridge overhead. one more view where heavy surf and huge waves slammed the coastline. we continue on with this story now. the pictures we are seeing on the ground show the destruction the typhoon left behind. the scale is most apparent from another angle. take a look at this photo, the killer storm as seen from space. this picture was tweeted as she passed over southeast asia. you can see that even in an orbit nearly 400 kilometers above the earth, the clouds
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still fill nearly the entire frame of that photograph. in other news, the president says he is sorry. is that good enough when the health care website is still a mess? later this hour, a cnn special report on the business of pot. you don't want to miss this. legal marijuana among the fastest growing industries in the u.s. the billions of dollars it could bring in. the tax money that could be earned and the alcohol industry's biggest nightmare. is it? we are going in-depth. n honks ] [ passenger ] airport, please. what airline? united. [ indian accent ] which airline, sir? [ passenger ] united. whoa taxi! [ british accent ] what airline, then? [ passenger ] united. all right. [ spanish ] what airline? [ passenger ] united. ♪ [ mandarin ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ arabic ] which airline? [ passenger ] united. [ italian ] where are we going? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] more destinations than any other airline. [ thai ] which airline do you fly? [ passenger ] united. [ male announcer ] that's great, big world friendly. ♪
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medicare open enrollment.ef. of year again. time to compare plans and costs. you don't have to make changes. but it never hurts to see if you can find better coverage, save money, or both. and check out the preventive benefits you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare the president says he's sorry. "time" magazine calls new jersey's governor the elephant in the room. itis not sunday, but look who is here to talk politics. ann is here in new york and in chicago, elsy granderson. let's listen to the president apologize. >> i am sorry that they are
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findsing themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure they know we hear them and we are going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> i am sorry, then he moves on. the apology, that's it. the obama care website is a mess. people are having trouble signing up. not enough young people are signing up. how does he get out of this mess? >> ahh, one, by fixing the website, of course. two, by, you know, trying to be more forthright with the american people. look, this could have been avoided awhile ago. we all know this. had they told us weeks before the beginning date of obama care that, look, there is a possibility that once we open up
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the site could crash for various reasons, stay patient with us, but we plan ongoing forward with it. politically,itis not that great, but at least in terms of trust worthiness the american people would have felt he told the truth. he didn't do that like he didn't tell us about insurances being canceled. there are various reasons why they are being canceled. if he told us the true reason why, we wouldn't be so angry. i have to tell you, there are quite a few things i have been disappointed in. this is by far the biggest disappointment i have had with his administration. keeping the truth from the american people. he was not politically, you know, it wasn't right politically. >> you are saying a lot of people are mad at him. i'm going to get to you, ann, stand by. a lot of people aren't mad. there are people making excuses for the president and you are going to get a lot of them on twitter because you said that. people are making excuses going
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but, but, but, but. >> there comes a time, listen, again, there are sound reasons why people are having their insurances canceled. these reasons should be going back to the consumers asking the insurance companies why didn't you tell me this policy would not be valid come 2014? why did you sell me a policy in 2012, 2013 that you knew would not be legal come 2014 because of the affordable care act? you can't tell me this. there's culpability with insurance companies for selling policies they knew would not be up to code come 2014. there's a lot of blame to go around. i go back to the president that said look, you are with one that ran on the promise we would be able to keep our insurance. you had information that negated that. you need to be held to the fire with that. >> you are saying the buck stops with him, as he would say as well. >> anna, is it possible a year from now the website works fine and the rollout won't look as
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bad? is this going to go down as read my lips, no new taxes or i'm not a crook. >> or as bill clinton says that would depend on your definition -- if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. look, we don't know. at this point, there's no reason to have any credibility because we have seen one misrepresentation after the other. i think what you are seeing is a result of a great deal of stubbornness and arrogance by the administration and the white house of not wanting to delay the launch. it would have been, yes, a small problem politically at the time, but it would have been relatively smaller than what they are facing right now, which is their signature plan is losing credibility in the eyes of the american people, of most people. i think it's going to continue to be a problem in the long term because, remember, don, the corporate mandate was delayed by a year. >> right. right. >> in a year's time, you are
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going to hear a lot of people who are going to have been dropped from their insurance, who are, whose employers decide to play the fine and drop them into the exchange who don't want to be dropped on the exchange. they are going to be mad, too. i think the complaints are going to be long and there are going to be several. >> i'm going to take a break, then come back. i want to get truth when it comes to dropping the whole insurance. insurance companies drop people every single year. this is nothing new. do you think people are using it to make political points? >> no, i think when you get dropped by your insurance company, you can look for similar policies. people are mad at the fact it feels like big brother is watching, big government is telling you. that cuts against the grain of the american people. >> okay. go ahead, l.z. >> i was going to say, that's the real issue. it's not what the president is involved with is devious.
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people are paying for things they wouldn't necessarily use. we do that anyway. when people complain that the government is making them buy insurance. try to buy a car without insurance or a home, it cannot happen. these are elements of every day society we are not used to. the president set it up with a dialogue and rhetoric that made it sound more than it needed to. he needed to be up front with us. there are plenty of people that are going to say thank god i have affordable care act. this is a blemish on his record. >> try to buy anything without insurance, you can't do it. you cannot do it. there are huge penalties. >> the people that have these insurances that have been canceled have made the choice to buy insurance. >> i got you. i get what you are putting down. anna and l.z., stick around. i want to talk to you about something else, another subject. it is something about the
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okay, cnn commentator, l.z. and anna are back. everybody talking about the bullying and abuse inside the
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dolphin's locker room. incognito, number 68 in the photo got suspended after second year lineman martin, number 71 left the team last week. there are multiple reports that incognito and other dolphins players were trying to, quote, toughen up martin and maybe the coaches asked incognito to toughen up martin. l.z., you write that telling martin to man up, to use the phrase is dangerous. why is it dangerous? >> because it inquires us or asks man to dehumanize ourselves more and more. for all the reports out there, i talked with player who is played with martin, they say he's a very cerebral person and a very, very good football player.
3:22 pm
we are not talking a soft individual in terms of his play on the field, we are talking his personality may not be what other guys want it to be. the notion of manning up. the notion this is the way football players are supposed to act, we detach our emotions, feelings and hearts. it makes it less and less likely to recognize someone is in trouble. >> i did very similar commentary i wrote. basically, we are saying the same thing. you write the phrase, man up, never wins. it's only when we express a lack of connection with our feelings. if we can't feel with others, how can we truly feel for others? it's self-explanatory. it's not just in football. everybody is like you need to man up. what? men don't have emotions? >> you know, there's so much
3:23 pm
more. massage reference to it and homo phobia. the restraints we put on hetero sexual. the notion of manning up and this is the way a man is supposed to act. it doesn't just deal with the language around women. it's not just gay slurs. it's attacking a hetero sexual man who doesn't want to hang out at strip clubs. that doesn't make him less of a man. if he doesn't want to get in a fistfight, it doesn't make him less of a man. it forces heterosexual men to behave a way they don't feel comfortable. >> anna is smiling. >> i pity the fool who tells l.z. to man up. it would not be a good picture. >> you were in miami, i was in miami, everybody is talking
3:24 pm
about it. what are your thoughts on it? >> it's pathetic. i have lived in miami since 1980. it hurts me to see what steve ross, the owner of the miami dolphins have done to the team. i cannot imagine that this would have ever gone on in a don schuler locker room. i say to steve ross, the owner of the dolphins, you are the one who needs to man up and go into the locker room and explain the buck stops with you. set the standards, set the tone of what the miami dolphins should be like. we have lost the people like dan merino and the people that were part of the community that were role models. it's what folks expect. they expect more in a community. steve ross needs to stop asking me to pay for his roof on the stadium. stop going after the legislatures who did not vote for it and start getting control of his football team, which is
3:25 pm
obvious to the entire country, he is not in control of. >> you know, it's hard, guys, for people to understand especially in a rough and tumble sport that you can have this big guy and they think the way to deal with it is become a bully himself. he was standing up for himself. he went to the right people. he said listen, i'm having trouble then he left the team. that's standing up for yourself. >> this could get very complicated and expensive. there's going to be lawyers involved soon enough. if the allegations the coaches were the ones asking incognito to toughen him up, this could get very expensive for the miami dolphins and very, very embarrassing. >> i have to run, but people should realize, the football field, the baseball diamond, the basketball court and the locker room are workplaces and you have certain rules and you cannot harass people regardless of where it is. see you soon. see you tomorrow.
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news just into cnn, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck northeast of tokyo, japan. it was 37 miles deep. there are no fears of a tsunami and no tsunami warning has been issued. witnesses in tokyo say they felt some shaking. there's no visible damage to the city. we'll keep you updated on that. let me update you on the overwhelming recovery work that is just starting in the philippines. a monster typhoon that is a pacific hurricane as big as germany and triple the power of hurricane katrina, it shredded the island. about 350,000 people have no homes across the country. the typhoon tore the homes to pieces or wiped them out altogether. eight agencies are mobilizing to help them. to find out how you can help, go to
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welcome, i really want your feedback on the half hour event we are going to do. we are talking legal marijuana. among the fastest growing industry in the u.s. the legal marijuana market is an industry with sky high potential. this year, u.s. sales of legal marijuana may be worth an estimated $1.5 billion. next year, $3 billion. that's a 100% increase. that is serious money. we are just talking legal pot
3:31 pm
here. one economist estimates total spending on marijuana, legal and illegal sales could add up to $45 billion to $110 billion a year. that's a possible gold mine. in the next 30 minutes, you are going to hear from people who want to turn it into a reality. here is why they think it's possible. in 1970, pot was illegal in every state. look where we are today. two states legalized marijuana, colorado and washington. many others have either legalized medical marijuana or decriminalized possession. others are trying to take notice and figure out how to make a different kind of green here. money. >> come january 1, we are entering a new era in colorado. we are going to be the test case for the rest of the nation and the world. >> we are seeing serious business money come in, wall street money and corporate money and investment bankers. of course they weren't going to
3:32 pm
touch an industry like this even three years ago. >> we hit a real tipping point last month. for the first time, more than half americans told a gallup poll they think marijuana should be legalized. that is a 10% increase from just a year ago. it is a perfect pot storm. growing accepted in a multibillion market out there waiting for the laws to catch up. let's break it down. let's break down the legal marijuana business with our guests. steve is the president of arc view investors network and a long time marijuana activist. he joins us via skype. then jayman, a former manager at microsoft and the co-founder of diego, a company aiming to be the star buckings of pot. that is interesting. i think you are going to be a very wealthy man. i'll tell you why in a minute. kevin, he opposes legal pot.
3:33 pm
kevin and i have spoken about this a number of times. we are getting to be old friends. he worked for the obama, bush and clinton administrations. he wrote the book called reefer sanity. he joins us from san francisco. jayman, first to you, you said pot will mint more millionaires than microsoft. how do you think it will happen? >> look at the size of the industry. it's a multihundred billion industry worldwide currently under a global regime of prohibition per the united nations 1961 single convention treaty to which virtually every country in the world is a signatory, notable exceptions exist. those actually point to the key to why prohibition is coming to an end quicker than most people think. >> what do we do with all the
3:34 pm
people who have been arrested for growing small amounts of marijuana or -- one of my neighbors in atlanta last year was arrested and sent to jail for growing marijuana in his home. just after that, there were many places or a number of places around the country that legalized it or legalized medical marijuana. what do you do with those people? >> it's simple. the answer is simple. there's a heck of a lot behind it. we need much more than a half hour to discuss why. the answer is amnesty. it's general amnesty to the heads of the drug cartels in mexico. president fox and i are exploring a model for mexico, specifically for this. we'll enter discussions in columbia and other countries soon. general amnesty is the best solution as long as they lay down their arms and we end this drug war, then general amnesty will be the reward for those who choose peace. it has to be international
3:35 pm
across the board. if it's for possession of cannabis, amnesty. >> who is going to back you. this is still illegal. where will the money come from? >> the group which we started three years ago. in our early years we saw cannabis insiders who were interested in other businesses in the industry. more and more, we are seeing investors, lifelong investors, they are high net worth individuals and funds have been created to invest in the cannabis industry. >> are you in it for the weed? or are you in it for the money? >> i have been doing this for 40 years. i fell in love with the cannabis plant and learned of the benefits. my mission is to bring the truth of the plant to the world. i have spent more money doing activism than i will ever make on cannabis. >> jayman, if pot was made legal
3:36 pm
tomorrow -- can you hear me? he can't hear us. kevin can't hear us. if pot was made legal, how long would it take before there's a marijuana store on every corner. you want to be the starbucks of marijuana. >> look, i know you are speaking figuratively when you say on every corner. we will never get to that point. >> i disagree with you. i disagree with you. we will get to a point with cannabis where it will be like alcohol. you will find it on every corner. i have been saying it for five years. people get upset with me. the way we look at marijuana, especially the reporting of it in the news industry is parochial 1950s and where the reality doesn't stack up. i disagree. i think there will be a day where marijuana will be similar to alcohol in this country. >> i would agree with that statement. to answer your question, to
3:37 pm
reach market saturation, i would say probably a good 24 months. >> 24 months before saturation? that soon? >> well, look, when i say saturation, i mean 80%, 90%. it's a limit that's never reached. yes, it will be that soon. it grows like a weed. it is a weed. it grows like a weed. when i make the statement of what we can achieve in 24 months, i'm standing on the shoulders of giants and honored to be on the same show as steve deangelo who is the giant. we have a platform to grow very, very quickly with regulation. the sooner we end the war on drugs, the sooner 40 innocent mexicans a day stop getting executed. that's just the beginning. that's mexico. all countries are suffering from prohibition. >> i think it will be five to
3:38 pm
ten years but it is on that road. kevin who is not promarijuana, we are going to get him in after the break. we are having a technical problem. stand by, everyone. one of the rallying cries of the marijuana advocate, it's really, think of the tax money it will raise. states like colorado hoping to tax it will be a way to fill up government coffers. can cities and states make big money taxes marijuana? we'll look at the numbers, next. r cash back card from capital one. it's not the "fumbling around with rotating categories" card. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day. so let me ask you... what's in your wallet?
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i appreciate all your responses on social media. some see pot as a chance to get desperately needed cash. we are talking millions of bucks here. some pot entrepreneurs say, go ahead, tax us. be our guest. just make selling marijuana legal. this week, colorado leaders
3:42 pm
approved a measure to impose a hefty tax on recreational marijuana. let's talk the pros and cons. kevin, you co-founded the group opposing the commercialization of pot. we are having a technical issue but we want to get you in here. do you think government's may end up losing money if they have to pay more for things like drug abuse counseling or approving marijuana laws? >> we are on the brink of creating, you know, today, big tobacco. we are talking a multimillion dollar investors. two men who dedicated themselves to making a multibillion dollar industry. a lot of people who wanted to legalize in the '70s or now. my neighbor who grew a little bit doesn't go to jail. a small amount doesn't go to
3:43 pm
jail. that has nothing to do with modern legalization. today, it's big money and big profit. it's at the expense of young people. i would tell everybody we are looking at big tobacco today. for every dollar we get in alcohol or tobacco tax, we spend ten. good luck with the idea of government trying to get money. >> kevin? >> yeah. yeah. >> kevin? kevin? lottery is legal. alcohol is legal. people have worse issues with alcohol, the studies show than with marijuana. alcoholic, drunk people are more rowdy, they cause more trouble than people who smoke marijuana. >> here is the issue, first of all -- >> what's the deal? why -- >> it's an example of a legal addictive product. alcohol and marijuana are almost equally addictive according to
3:44 pm
nih. the lottery is legal, you are right. the lottery was sold for basically to fund education. that's why states went ahead and legalized the lottery. how is that going for us? have you solved our public education problem? of course not. we are going to be sold a magical item whether it marijuana now, the lottery, alcohol and tobacco. the math never, ever adds up. yeah, alcohol is extremely harmful -- >> okay, but -- >> it causes car crashes and hundreds of thousands of deaths. marijuana is, too. those who are heavy drinkers of alcohol and heavy marijuana users use them together. >> i don't know if the nih study shows what you are saying. i have never had a study that says marijuana is addictive. >> oh, don, american medical association -- hold on.
3:45 pm
the american medical associat n association, every major medical association, including the mayo clinic says marijuana can be addictive. >> can be. can be. can be, but i don't know if there is enough evidence to show it is. there is no denying alcohol is an addictive substance. alcohol can be addictive. it doesn't say that nicotine can be addictive. it says it is addictive. here is what i'm saying. if you talk about -- hold on. hold on. i want to go to another point. if you talk about -- if you talk about lotteries and grow to states and municipalities and cities, here in new york, talk about tobacco, the tax on tobacco and the lottery system, ask those people if they want to make it illegal. if they want to make those things illegal and take away the tax base, they will say heck no,
3:46 pm
we don't want to do it. >> the point is, these have been promised as saviors for public budgets. the point is, it's not going to work with our history. we are on the brink of creating the new big tobacco. i could care a less if your neighbor or somebody has a small amount of marijuana. it's not about locking them up in prison. >> but it's about -- kevin -- i'm going to let you finish, but i have to get to a break, seriously. i'm not cutting you off. we'll continue this. itis not about that. it's just about a double standard. that's what i'm trying to bring to light. stand by. we'll talk more on the other side of the break. you have heard the argument. pot isn't as bad as alcohol. i say that. a lot of people might be nodding their heads right now. you know who isn't? budweiser, miller. panel stay there, we are going to talk about the beer industry. they have spoken out about pot and they are not happy. [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...congested.
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thank you, everyone for your feedback on twitter. every time we do this subject, my twitter time line goes crazy. americans spent $162 billion on beer, wine and liquor in 2011. i want to show you this cnn interactive graph from last night, okay?
3:51 pm
it compares get drunk and get high on facebook. apparently 53% of the get drunk mentions are from women and the get high, men take the lead with 54%. now look at this. the gender split is even, more pronounced when you compare marijuana and alcohol. 59% of alcohol mentioned were female. here is the panel right now. jamen is back. jamen, should the alcohol industry worry about losing men to legal marijuana sales? >> oh, absolutely. we are going to have a devastating impact on alcohol. can you hear me now? >> go ahead. that's someone else. we are having crazy issues. >> the cannabis industry is going to have a devastating impact on revenues for the alcohol industry and for good reason. i used to drink an average of two or three beers or equivalent per day. now i'm down to, you know,
3:52 pm
perhaps one beer once every couple weeks or so. i sleep better. i'm healthier. i have better creativity and much, much happier. people are discovering it's a brilliant substitute for alcohol. >> steve, are you there? can steve hear me? he can't hear me. i'm going to move on. kevin, some alcohol lobbyists say it's unfair to compare marijuana to alcohol and we are picking on the booze industry. do you believe that? >> both industries are not good for america. we know heavy drinkers can be heavy marijuana smokers. marijuana and alcohol are compliments among people in treatment, among heavier users. it is really what's important. yeah, i mean, right now, there
3:53 pm
is this very strange, i think, logic of saying, you know, alcohol is more dangerous yet, you know, than marijuana, yet marijuana is the one that is illegal. that's no good. i mean that's like saying my headlight is broken and to be, you know, consistent let's break the taillight, too. fix the headlight. alcohol does cause problems. >> could it be that you are looking at -- could it be, kevin, you are looking at the negative instead of the positive. i can see jamen wants to come in. let's take a break. i'm going to read comments, then talk to you guys after the break. beat down. crushed. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up. so i deserve a small business credit card
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so i want to bring back my panel now, steve, jamen and kevin. steve, first to you, people have
3:57 pm
tried to guess what kind of money this new legal pot industry will pull down. instead of back alley's, if it can be sold in corner stores, will it affect people who may have never bought marijuana? >> yes, it's certainly impacting people who never bought marijuana in their lives. in oakland, they have had a cannabis tax for three years. the dispensary and director is the second largest retail taxpayer in the city. we pay for the salaries of well over a dozen cops and teachers every year. >> yeah. i wonder, kevin, though, if we are looking at this, like marijuana and pot through the same eyes. maybe we shouldn't. by all accounts, i'm just being honest and giving the research as a journalist. alcohol is much worse for you than marijuana. maybe there shouldn't be a comparison and maybe that's why there's a negativity when it comes to marijuana. >> worse compared to what?
3:58 pm
when it comes to i.q. for young people, marijuana is worse. when it comes to violence, alcohol is worse. why is one worse than the other. alcohol's legality is here for cultural reasons. why create the new big tobacco now in the name of marijuana? it's exactly what is going to happen. >> what is the best way to keep it from young people, to regular l late it? you have to show an id. if you are not 18 you can't buy it. >> how is that working for alcohol today? kids aren't getting those drugs? kids drink more than they smoke marijuana because it's normalized, available and accessible. it doesn't mean kids can't get pot. legalizing it -- >> go ahead, steve. go ahead, steve. >> we don't have to guess about this. in the first five states that
3:59 pm
legalized cannabis for medical purposes, after five years, the rate of young people's arrest from impaired driving and young people's suicide went down between 8% and 11%. yes, young people do substitute cannabis for alcohol and yes -- >> okay. jamen, i have a few seconds left. you have the final thought. go ahead. >> yeah, sure. first of all, i want to announce prohibition is over. the herb legal experts have done analysis and they cannot simultaneously uphold their treaty obligations for human rights and prohibition. all countries in the world have a choice. either you uphold human rights or prohibition which gets you nothing but more human rights. go to
4:00 pm
prohibition is over. >> immaterialed to read more on social media. you and your panel should smoke a joint and talk about it. i'm don lemon. if news breaks, turn to cnn. "inside man" begins now. hey america. remember the good old days? no, not those good old days. i'm talking about the ones we had a few years ago. home ownership was at an all-time high. unemployment 5.6% and falling. it seemed like we were all on the road to riches. it almost seemed too good to be true. well guess what? it was. when the bottom fell out of the real estate market, millions of americans fell on hard
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